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QGmail password recovery without security ?

Google’s Gmail has made the life of every
individual easy and quite convenient. Every business user is required to have
access to Gmail so that corporate communication can be carried out quite
smoothly. So, it is much better to pay heed towards the factor how to make sure
of Gmail password recovery in case anyone tends to forget the password of
Gmail. Have you ever wondered how you will recover your Gmail password in case
you don’t have access to the security questions? It is going to be a tough nut
to crack in case you don’t have access to the security questions. Most of the
people feel quite troublesome in such a scenario. Are you also facing this
trouble and want to know the process of Google account recovery . If yes, then scroll on further to know about the process.

to recover Gmail password without security questions:

Ø  Open any of the web browsers of your choice and straightly go to the
official login page of Gmail.

Ø  Now, you will be asked to enter Gmail address. Simply enter that
user name or email address.

Ø  Click next and now you will be prompted to enter your password. As
you have forgotten your password, don’t worry just click on I forgot my
password link.

Ø  Now as you don’t have any access to security questions then you
cannot acquire your password by this way. Although, it is easy to recover your
Gmail password in such a scenario also, yet it seems complex to many people.

Ø  Just enter your recovery email address or phone number as per your

Ø  After entering you will receive a code on your phone number or email
Id as per your chosen medium.

Ø  Now, click on that code and you are free to reset your password.

Ø  Enter a new password and confirm it. In this way you are able to
perform Gmail password recovery without security questions also.

So, you have seen that it is not a tough
nut to crack in case you don’t have access to security questions and wish to
recover your Gmail password. In case of any issue you can get in touch with
third-party service providers to know about how to recover Google account.



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