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QHow to select the best quality of sunglasses for kids?

We are planning vacation trip in coming month. My sister is having 2 kids and she is searching for wholesale sunglasses for them. She cannot recognize the difference between the real and fake sunglasses for kids. While exploring on the Internet she came to know about some useful site , that sell kids sunglasses in bulk. So, can anyone suggest how to differentiate between real and fake sunglasses.

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#1robbie22Answered at 2018-08-02 00:54:18

i run this kindergarden, where kids are coming back to school after a great vacation. So i did the shopping back to school for them and i got these glasses cool glasses.

#2robbie22Answered at 2018-08-02 00:54:50 

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How to select the best quality of sunglasses for kids?

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