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QWhy Science Is Important For Early Education At School?

We live in the age of science and technology.
The scientific inventions have completely changed human life. Science technology
has also changed the comforts in our lives. The science technology has also a
big influence on mind.

Science also include the natural things like
food, animals, water, human body, light, geology, earth, sound, health, plants,
weather, biology, fossils(dinosaurs) and artificial things like electricity,
engineering, recycling, robots, technology, sports and many other things.

Science education is the basic component of
education. But, the science of today is completely different from the science
of past because the tools, methods and techniques that were used in past are
totally different from the today’s. Today modern tools and techniques are used
in each and every aspect of science.

Science education is an integral part of
school’s education. Even today in the gaming industry the people making games
are also focusing on science to provide awareness regarding health. The games of Medicos  also provide children
in the learning purposes.

These games
also helps in physical exercise
of the mind. 


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Why Science Is Important For Early Education At School?

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